No value has been given for the Password field.
Invalid password.
Oracle base location is in the Home directory.
String contains invalid characters.
The string that you have specified contains the space character.
Unable to create directory.
The string location is empty.
The location specified for string is invalid.
The selected Oracle home contains directories or files.
The selected Oracle home is outside of Oracle base.
Insufficient disk space on this volume for the selected Oracle home.
Grid infrastructure software for a cluster installations must not be under an Oracle base directory.
The specified Oracle home location is identical to the Oracle base location.
The chosen installation conflicts with software already installed in the given Oracle home.
The Software Location specified should not be under Oracle base location.
Invalid location for Central Inventory.
Invalid inventory location.
Central Inventory location is not writable.
Invalid characters specified for the inventory directory.
Unable to create a new central inventory at the specified location.
User home directory is not recommended as inventory location
The operating system group specified for central inventory (oraInventory) ownership is invalid.
The operating system group specified for central inventory (oraInventory) ownership is invalid.
Oracle base and Oracle home locations are same.
The specified Oracle home name already exists.
The Central Inventory string is located on a shared file system.
The Central Inventory is located in the Oracle base.
Insufficient permissions granted to create directory string on node string.
The selected ASM disk group is invalid.
Unable to create string at the specified location.
At least one product language need to selected
English cannot be removed from the selected languages list.
The following selected languages are not supported; string